Construction Delay in the Science and Technology Framework

The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology initiated a plan one year ago to integrate research and development (R&D) across the government. The Science and Technology Framework, created in March 2023, aimed to solidify the UK’s position as a science and technology superpower. Although the framework received little attention outside research policy circles, it outlined a comprehensive agenda to incorporate science and innovation throughout the government. The framework identified 10 key areas of action, each assigned to a specific department.

The plan set forth by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology has raised questions about its effectiveness one year after its inception. Despite its understated introduction, the framework’s ambitious agenda has potential to reshape the landscape of research and innovation in the UK. By assigning specific actions to different departments, the plan aims to create a cohesive approach to scientific advancement within the government.

Looking back on the creation of the Science and Technology Framework, it is evident that the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology has taken significant steps towards achieving its goal of cementing the UK’s status as a science and technology superpower. The framework outlines a strategic approach to integrating science and innovation throughout various sectors of the government. With specific actions assigned to different departments,

By Aiden Johnson

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