Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024
E-SIM services now available from Israel’s “Partner,” “Selcom,” and “HOT-Mobile”

Major cellular operators in Israel, including Pelefon, Partner, Selcom, and HOT-Mobile, have announced the opening of e-SIM technology for their customers. This move comes after the Israeli Ministry of Communications demanded that companies report on their readiness to provide customers with access to this technology.

e-SIM technology is available in over 100 countries worldwide and allows users to keep multiple phone numbers on one device without needing physical SIM card slots. One of the main benefits of e-SIM technology is that it enables users to easily switch phone numbers as needed, such as when traveling abroad.

In the past, Israeli companies were hesitant to offer e-SIM technology due to concerns about losing revenue from travel plans purchased by Israelis while abroad. However, with pressure from the Ministry of Communications, these companies are now offering access to this innovative technology.

e-SIM technology is expected to revolutionize the way mobile phones are used and provide users with greater flexibility in managing their phone numbers. With this newfound flexibility, users will be able to more easily switch between different phone plans and service providers without having to physically replace their SIM cards.

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