Advancements in Science and Medicine Enhancing Results of Knee Replacement Surgery

Dr. Gustavo Almeida is an Assistant Professor at UT Health San Antonio’s Department of Physical Therapy. Originally from Brazil, he began his career in sports medicine, working with athletes such as soccer players, UFC and MMA fighters. However, he felt that there was more to offer and decided to delve into research.

His current focus is on studying the impact of blood flow restriction exercise on people waiting for total knee replacements. In a recent study, Almeida discovered that nine out of 13 patients who engaged in exercise while their blood flow was restricted experienced improved function before and after surgery. This finding surprised him but has significant implications for knee replacement patients.

Almeida’s work goes beyond knee replacement patients, as he compares the potential benefits of blood flow restriction training with healthy older adults. One group engaged in this type of training without any weights and achieved results comparable to high resistance training with less effort.

Through his research, Almeida is exploring how blood flow restriction exercise can benefit individuals in various capacities. His work is part of a broader collaboration between TPR and The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio that aims to showcase how scientific discoveries in San Antonio are shaping the future of medicine worldwide.

By Aiden Johnson

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