Senate approves direct election of prime minister

The Constitutional Affairs Commission of the Senate has approved the government’s amendment to article 92 of the Constitution, which introduces direct election of the President of the Council of Ministers. As per the approved text, the government is composed of a Prime Minister and ministers who together make up the Council of Ministers. The Prime Minister is elected by universal and direct suffrage for five years, with no more than two consecutive legislatures, or three if he held office for less than seven years and six months in previous ones. Elections for Chambers and Prime Minister take place simultaneously, with a national-based prize that ensures a majority of seats in each Chamber for lists and candidates linked to the Prime Minister, adhering to the principle of representativeness.

The law also stipulates that the Prime Minister is elected in the Chamber where he presented his candidacy, and that the President of the Republic confers on him the task of forming his Government. The President also appoints and revokes ministers on behalf of the Prime Minister’s proposal. This significant change in election procedures aims to create a more direct and democratic system in selecting heads of government while increasing transparency and accountability in politics. Moreover, it streamlines government formation by empowering elected Prime Ministers to appoint and remove ministers from their Cabinet. Overall, this amendment represents a step towards creating a more representative and responsive government structure.

By Aiden Johnson

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