Mon. Feb 26th, 2024
Revolut plans to expand in EU with the introduction of a new business savings account

Revolut’s Business Savings Account: A Growing Interest among UK Firms

Revolut, a fintech company based in London, has generated significant interest with its business savings account. In just six weeks, UK firms have deposited £150m into the account. The business savings account was introduced in January and offers the potential to earn up to 3% in annual returns.

James Gibson, general manager of Revolut Business, revealed that although the business savings account is currently only available in the UK, they plan to launch it in Europe in the second quarter of 2024. The demand for business savings accounts was driven by clients seeking returns on their accounts.

To attract startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and major corporates, Revolut has been actively increasing its efforts. This includes rolling out an HR platform to over 300 firms, partnering with tech firm Jabil to enhance the production of Revolut Reader, a device that helps businesses accept contactless payments, and developing a range of tools to help businesses manage their money.

Gibson mentioned that Revolut is also working on treasury products for its business customers and highlighted that the company’s business customers come from various sectors such as travel, marketing, and ecommerce. Many businesses have turned to Revolut due to the difficulties they face in opening accounts with traditional high-street banks, especially small businesses with global operations that want to avoid high FX fees.

Revolut serves over 35 million customers worldwide and aims to continue expanding its business offerings to meet the needs of a diverse range of companies. With its innovative approach to financial services and commitment to meeting customer needs, Revolut is set to continue generating interest among businesses around the world.

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