Mon. Feb 26th, 2024
Planetarium named after Luis Enrique Erro

Danna Ximena Astro, a 15-year-old science communicator, recently spoke at the Luis Enrique Erro Planetarium of the National Polytechnic Institute as part of the Festival of Women and Girls in Science. During her talk, she discussed NASA’s Sagebrush mission, which aims to return humans to the Moon. She also highlighted the importance of women’s role in space exploration.

Danna has a passion for science communication and regularly shares her knowledge and presentations on her YouTube channel, @dannaximenaastro420. Her channel features interviews with scientists, historical data, and updates on new scientific projects. She continues to inspire others with her unique perspective on science and its impact on our lives.

Her talk at the Planetarium was well-received by the audience and further solidified her status as a young and influential science communicator. Danna is determined to use her platform to educate and inspire others about the wonders of science and space exploration.

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