He suffered serious injuries in Gaza, temporarily losing his sight

Ron and his team were among the first to enter the Gaza Strip during a ground maneuver. Despite the constant gunfire, they worked diligently to clear roads, breach obstacles and check for charges in the area. The adrenaline was high as they contributed to the mission, but their fear was quickly replaced by a sense of purpose as they remembered the videos from October 7 that gave them strength and resolve.

Ron operated in the Gaza Strip for almost two months with his team. In one instance, they were tasked with opening a problematic alley in the neighborhood of Darj Tupah in Gaza City. Despite constant gunfire, they worked diligently to allow tanks to enter the neighborhood. A close call with an anti-tank missile left Ron with injuries, but he and his teammate managed to escape and were evacuated to safety.

Prof. Rita Ehrlich treated Ron for serious eye injuries sustained during the incident at Billinson Hospital. His vision was at risk due to shrapnel in his eyes, and he underwent surgery to remove foreign bodies and repair damage. Despite the severity of the injuries, Ron remained hopeful and focused on his recovery.

After weeks of recovery, Ron regained vision in his left eye and underwent another successful operation to implant an artificial lens in his right eye. Despite the challenges, Ron remained determined to return to the fight alongside his friends. He is currently resting at home but eagerly awaiting the day when he can rejoin his team.

By Aiden Johnson

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