Sabonis Achieves Double-Double in Kings-76ers Game, Making NBA History

Sacramento Kings center Domantas Sabonis made NBA history with a double-double in a game against the Philadelphia 76ers. Despite not being selected for the All-Star game, Sabonis achieved a significant milestone in the league.

During the third quarter of the game, Sabonis secured his 54th consecutive double-double, breaking a record since the NBA/ABA merger in 1976-77. This marked his 67th double-double of the 2023-24 NBA season. The 27-year-old is leading the league in triple-doubles, double-doubles, and rebounds this season, with an average of 13.7 rebounds per game.

In a previous game against the Orlando Magic, Sabonis tied Kevin Love’s 53-game double-double streak from the 2010-11 season. Only four players in NBA history have longer streaks than Sabonis, including Wilt Chamberlain, Elvin Hayes, Elgin Baylor, and Walt Bellamy.

Having played in all 71 of Sacramento’s games this season, Sabonis has the potential to extend his streak to 65 games, which would place him among the top players in history. With impressive statistics this season, including averaging 20 points on 60.8 percent shooting, 13.7 rebounds, and 8.3 assists, Sabonis is on track to join Chamberlain as the only players to achieve a 20/13/8 average for an entire season.

Despite not being selected for the All-Star game this year, Sabonis has been making waves in the league with his impressive play and achievements such as breaking an NBA record for consecutive double

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