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Florida is home to some of the most beautiful and gentle creatures in the world – manatees. These large mammals, native to Florida and the Caribbean, are considered a linchpin species in our state’s environment. Their health reflects the overall health of our marine ecosystem. However, in recent years, manatees have faced significant challenges, including a rise in mortality rates.

J.P. Brooker, director of the Florida Conservation Program, explains that when manatees suffer, it’s often a reflection of larger issues within our state’s environment. Factors like pollution and climate change can have a significant impact on these gentle giants and other marine life.

Florida’s economy is closely tied to its beaches and marine environment. A healthy marine ecosystem directly impacts the state’s GDP. However, if we don’t take action to protect our environment now, it could have dire consequences for our future.

There are many ways that South Floridians can support manatee conservation efforts. One way is by avoiding lawn fertilization during the rainy season as it kills sea grass, which is the primary food source for manatees. Investing in coastal infrastructure can also help protect their habitat from erosion and pollution. And participating in the electoral process to advocate for clean water initiatives can make all the difference in ensuring that these gentle creatures thrive for generations to come.

It is also crucial for Floridians to advocate for re-listing manatees as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act. By contacting local representatives and urging action from government agencies like the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, we can work together to protect them from threats like pollution and climate change.

In conclusion, protecting manatees means protecting our environment and preserving Florida’s natural beauty for future generations. With dedication and action from all of us, we can ensure that these gentle giants continue to grace our waters for years to come.

By Aiden Johnson

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