The Surge in Seagate Technology Stock Prices Today

Seagate Technology (STX) stock is experiencing a surge in Tuesday’s trading session, with its share price up 9% as of 3 p.m. ET. Morgan Stanley released a note on the memory chip company this morning, upgrading its rating on the stock from equal weight to overweight and raising its one-year price target from $73 per share to $115 per share.

Despite rising approximately 56% over the past year, Seagate stock is still down around 17% from its peak. However, Morgan Stanley’s latest coverage suggests that the firm anticipates the stock to reach a new valuation high in the near future. The analysts at Morgan Stanley believe that Seagate will benefit from the ongoing recovery in the data storage market and expect the company’s leading position in heat-assisted-magnetic-recording (HAMR) technologies to drive stronger sales and earnings performance. Additionally, with the rise of generative artificial intelligence (AI), demand for Seagate’s products is expected to be a significant performance driver.

With increased demand related to AI and an upturn in the data storage industry, Seagate’s profitability could see significant improvement. Morgan Stanley’s analysts project that the company’s near-term earnings performance could be 25-30% better than previously expected. There is also a belief that AI-related demand will continue to boost performance and potentially lead to higher valuation multiples for Seagate and other data storage companies. This could result in improved sales, earnings, and overall market sentiment towards the sector. Keith Noonan and The Motley Fool do not have any positions in

By Aiden Johnson

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