Si Richardson challenges the world’s strongest cyclist: Who will emerge victorious in the race for speed?

In an effort to understand the correlation between muscle mass and athletic power, Si Richardson has decided to take on ‘Giant,’ a formidable competitor from the popular UK TV series Gladiators. Standing at 6ft 5in and weighing in at 136kg, Giant is known for his impressive strength numbers. However, Si believes his cycling experience and determination will give him an edge in the upcoming challenges.

The first test involves a sprint over 250m from a standing start. Giant sets the pace that Si must beat. The second challenge is a head-to-head sprint where the riders cover two laps, reaching speeds over 80kph. The final challenge is a five-lap scratch race, testing both endurance and power.

These races are all about pure power and speed, with no external factors like hills or wind to slow down the competitors. It will be exciting to see who comes out on top in this ultimate power battle between Si and Giant. To find out more about this thrilling competition, watch the video and visit the GCN website for more challenge articles and videos.

By Aiden Johnson

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