Siemens to Purchase ebm-papst’s Industrial Drive Technology Business

Siemens AG has announced plans to acquire the industrial drive technology (IDT) business of ebm-papst, a move that will strengthen Siemens’ position as a leading provider of solutions for flexible production automation. The IDT business, which has approximately 650 employees, specializes in intelligent, integrated mechatronic systems in the protective extra-low voltage range and innovative motion control systems for use in driverless transport systems.

The acquisition of ebm-papst’s portfolio of mechatronic drive systems is seen as a perfect fit for Siemens by Cedrik Neike, a member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG and CEO of Digital Industries. By integrating the IDT portfolio into its existing automation offerings and leveraging its global sales network, Siemens aims to expand its market reach and generate substantial business opportunities in the field of flexible and autonomous factory automation.

The products offered by IDT are designed to support automation and digitalization in production processes, making them a valuable addition to Siemens’ Xcelerator portfolio. As demand for mobile robots and driverless transport vehicles continues to rise, as well as the need for automation in auxiliary processes such as retooling production machines, the market for IDT products is expected to experience significant growth.

Siemens expects to complete the acquisition by mid-2025 pending approval from foreign trade and merger control authorities. The purchase price was not disclosed at this time. The IDT business of ebm-papst has locations in St. Georgen and Lauf an der Pegnitz, Germany, and Oradea, Romania.

By Aiden Johnson

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