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Tesla recently reported its first quarter delivery figures, showing a slowdown in sales. The electric vehicle manufacturer is facing stiff competition from Chinese companies and the overall EV market has faced some challenges, as reported by Meghan McCarty Marino for

On the other hand, the RV industry has also been going through tough times. Motorhomes and towable trailers had their worst year in over a decade in 2023. However, recent signs suggest that this slump may be turning around, which could be a positive sign for the economy as a whole.

According to Michael Hicks at Ball State University, RV sales are a significant predictor of business cycles due to their high cost and consumer volatility. Sales tend to decrease at the first sign of economic downturn while picking up again when consumer confidence improves. This is why Hicks pays close attention to the campground sector when analyzing the economy.

To learn more about the RV and EV markets, visit and listen to the audio player below for a full report on these topics.

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