Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024
Snow Bike World Championships 2024: A Social Roundup

As a journalist, I feel that mixing snow and bikes in the way it’s currently being suggested is not a practical or sensible idea. While there may be a desire for wintertime biking on snow events, the UCI could explore better options to make something more interesting to watch.

One suggestion would be to create fatbike XC courses, which would still require the fundamental skills of XC racing but in a unique format. This would provide an alternative to traditional slalom skiing without sacrificing excitement or challenge. Another option would be to create a “skiercross but on bikes” event, similar to Dual Slalom but with larger and more elaborate courses. Using bikes instead of tires on these courses could add an extra level of excitement and challenge for riders.

It’s also worth considering that snow could just be left as the domain of skiing and for those who enjoy riding fatbikes through snowy woods. This is a more suitable and enjoyable option for some people who would rather stick to the traditional activities for snow sports. In conclusion, while there may be some interest in mixing snow and bikes, it’s important to consider practicality and safety before making any decisions.

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