Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Los Angeles is one particular of the numerous cities set to host Globe Cup matches in 2026, with SoFi Stadium getting selected as one particular of the venues. On the other hand, Rams owner Stan Kroenke would appreciate for his $five billion stadium to host the greatest match of all: the Globe Cup Final.

However, that may perhaps not be attainable due to the building of the field and surrounding seats. According to The Occasions in England, SoFi Stadium’s field is as well narrow to host the Globe Cup Final as it is at the moment constructed. In order for the stadium to host the Final, the field would want to be widened by as significantly as 63 feet. That would demand seats in the reduce section to be removed.

SoFi Stadium can seat 70,000 fans and even much more with standing area, but FIFA expects stadiums to hold at least 80,000 for the Globe Cup Final. As a result, losing seats to widen the field wouldn’t function.

On the other hand, sources close to the 2026 organising committee say in order to comply with Fifa’s regulations, the width of the field would have to be improved — possibly by as significantly as 63ft — which would imply removing some of the seats close to the pitch and raising the playing surface.

MetLife Stadium, property of the Jets and Giants, would now be in contention to host the Final for the reason that it holds much more than 82,000 fans. SoFi Stadium was previously viewed as the favourite to host the final match but that appears to be in doubt now.

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