Houston Texans Schedule in 2024 Features Exciting Matchups, Including Bills Game

The 2024 NFL season promises to be a thrilling one for the Texans, thanks to their recent acquisition of wide receiver Stefon Diggs from the Bills. This move has added an extra layer of excitement to their schedule, particularly their game against his former team, the Buffalo Bills. Another highly anticipated game will take place when the Texans visit Minnesota, where Diggs began his career and made a significant play in league history.

The addition of Diggs has shifted the focus on the Texans’ schedule, making it even more intriguing. In addition to these matchups, they will also face off against their division rivals like the Chiefs, whom they are determined to surpass by making bold moves. There is also an eagerly anticipated game against the Cowboys, where Diggs will compete against his brother Trevon, adding another level of competitiveness.

The Texans’ home games include matchups against the Ravens, Dolphins, Bears, Lions, Colts, Jaguars and Titans. On the road, they will play against some of the biggest names in football like the Packers, Jets, Patriots and Titans. This challenging schedule is expected to see them playing more prime-time games in 2024 compared to previous seasons.

The matchups are expected to feature exciting storylines beyond just the outcome of games. With Diggs’ arrival and a tough schedule ahead of them; this season promises to be eventful and full of surprises for fans and experts alike.

In conclusion, with Stefon Diggs joining forces with Houston Texans’ roster; their upcoming season is shaping up to be one filled with excitement and anticipation for fans all across America as they get ready for a new era in football history!

By Aiden Johnson

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