Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024
SeenThis platform now integrates Integral Ad Science measurement

SeenThis, a streaming tech platform, has partnered with Integral Ad Science (IAS) to provide video metrics validation. This means that marketers can now use IAS on the platform to measure video metrics of their campaigns and creatives. The goal of this certification is to ensure accurate measurement and viewability, giving advertisers confidence that their ads are being seen by real people.

Jesper Benon, CEO of SeenThis, highlighted the importance of this video certification as a significant step towards accountability and transparency in the digital ecosystem. He emphasized that IAS aligns with many of their goals in analyzing the value of digital advertising placements and addressing issues around fraud, viewability, brand risk, and media quality.

Csaba Szabo, EMEA managing director at IAS, emphasized the need for advertisers to have control over their digital media campaigns and the importance of granular insights that provide better measurement. Working with partners like SeenThis allows IAS to deliver added confidence through greater levels of transparency and actionable data to advertisers.

SeenThis’ technology also aims to reduce emissions by decreasing the amount of wasted data in serving an ad through methods that only stream content when it is in view.

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