New drugs will soon be available to patients

The Ministry of Health is proposing a reference mechanism for drug circulation registration to make it easier for people to access new and advanced drugs, while maintaining safety standards. This initiative is part of a draft law that aims to be reviewed and approved during the 8th National Assembly session in October 2024, taking effect in 2025.

The Vietnamese population currently faces challenges in accessing new medicines compared to other countries, with only a small percentage of newly introduced drugs available in the local market. This limited access hampers treatment options, particularly for severe conditions like cancer, where only a few approved therapies are available.

To address this issue, the Ministry of Health is proposing a reference mechanism that would speed up the approval process for new drugs without compromising safety standards. This model has already been recommended by the World Health Organization and is currently used by several countries with positive results in reducing approval times.

In addition to expediting drug approval, the draft law includes provisions to streamline administrative procedures and regulate the operations of domestic and foreign enterprises in the pharmaceutical sector. These measures aim to ensure stable drug supply, reasonable prices, and quality standards while incentivizing businesses to introduce innovative medications to Vietnam sooner.

Overall, the proposed amendments by the Ministry of Health seek to improve access to advanced medicines, reduce treatment costs, and create a robust pharmaceutical market in Vietnam that can attract medical tourism and provide better healthcare options for its citizens.

By Aiden Johnson

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