Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

WASHINGTON DC – This report characterizes the strong-state battery technologies, supplies, marketplace, provide chain and players. It assesses and benchmarks the accessible strong-state battery technologies, introduces most players worldwide and analyzes the essential players in this field, forecasted from 2023 to 2033 more than ten application places of three essential technologies categories for each capacity and marketplace worth. The report also analyzes the hype and hopes behind strong-state batteries, giving deep technological and company insights.

Standard lithium-ion batteries primarily based on graphite anodes, layered oxide cathodes (LCO, NMC, NCA) and liquid electrolyte have been ubiquitously adopted in our everyday life, from compact customer electronics to massive electric cars and stationary power storage systems.

The requirement of decarbonization triggered electrification, additional top to the fast development of electric automobile marketplace, which has driven the improvement, manufacture and sales of batteries, specifically lithium-ion batteries. Given that their commercialization in 1991, lithium-ion batteries have had a dominant position in the battery marketplace in a variety of applications. In the meantime, due to their functionality limitation, environmental consideration, and provide chain constraints, subsequent-generation battery technologies are getting researched, created and commercialized. Amongst them, strong-state batteries have attracted the most interest, from study institutes, material providers, battery vendors, element suppliers, automotive OEMs, and venture capitals and investors.

The well-liked discussions on strong-state batteries have brought efforts each in academia and market. With an growing quantity of players operating in this field and some milestones getting accomplished, a US$eight billion-marketplace-size chance is potentially waiting for strong-state batteries.

Strong-state battery addressable marketplace size. Supply: IDTechEx

Just after years of improvement, a handful of strong-state batteries have been commercialized, with extra beneath improvement. At the exact same time, with the continuous improvement of Li-ion batteries, there are discussions about which technologies are worth the sources and investment. There are hypes in strong-state batteries, as at times they are marketed as the definite replacement of traditional lithium-ion batteries. There are also pessimistic opinions, believing strong-state batteries are only in the lab and they will not bring actual superior worth propositions compared with current lithium-ion batteries.

In addition, there is a tremendous quantity of players announcing their technologies getting the game changer of the globe, collectively with their industrial and manufacturing plans. Strong-state batteries differ from traditional lithium-ion batteries, from the supplies made use of, cell design and style, method design and style, to provide chain establishment, manufacturing, and recycling. It is not a mature market however, leaving lots of unclear queries to answer.

This report is tackling these doubts about strong-state batteries, giving introduction, evaluation, and insights from a variety of angles such as technologies, commercialization, provide chain, manufacturing, markets, and players.

Strong-state batteries allow a US$eight billion marketplace chance by 2033.

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