Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. — Some Southwest Florida business enterprise owners are expressing concern about a new law that cracks down on drag shows. The law bans any individual below 18 from attending and a single Florida business enterprise is currently suing the state more than the law.

Zach Smith owns the Ceremony Brewery in Bonita Springs and lately began hosting drag events.

“Florida prides itself on becoming a state of freedom and tiny business enterprise but companies and our freedom are below attack in Florida,” Smith mentioned.

He mentioned his initially occasion saw a line out the door as men and women waited to get in and packed his business enterprise.

Even so, now he will have to make positive no a single below 18 enters.

“We do not let any young children at all,” Smith mentioned.

Governor DeSantis signed a law that bans minors from getting into “adult performances” which consists of sexual conduct. The governor mentioned that consists of drag shows.

John Stemberger with the Florida Policy Council supports the ban.

“Drag shows are inherently sexual. I’ve by no means noticed a drag show that is proper. They’re there to exploit themselves and mock the opposite sex and show off their garments,” Stemberger stated.

“We’re not whipping prosthetics out! It is to make a type and an illusion. It is all a gag,” mentioned Andy Spaulding, who performs drag shows in venues across Southwest Florida.

Chris Blauvelt described the drag shows at The Typical Restaurants he owns as enjoyable and clean entertainment.

“We wouldn’t be undertaking it for seven years if it wasn’t,” Blauvelt mentioned.

Drag-themed Hamburger Mary’s in Orlando is suing the governor more than the new law they and other individuals say is hurting companies.

“I do not even see how they can enforce it. Now you know that I’ve mentioned that they’re going to be right here searching,” Blauvelt stated.

He and other individuals are now accusing the state of parenting young children.

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