Ancient Amphibian Ancestor Named After Iconic Muppet Kermit

In 2021, postdoctoral paleontologist Arjan Mann rediscovered a skull that was found in Texas by paleontologist Nicholas Hotton III. The skull, which belonged to a proto-amphibian known as Kermitops gratus, had been identified as a temnospondyl – a type of predecessor to modern amphibians that existed for over 200 million years.

The fossil was remarkably well-preserved, featuring oval eye sockets and a cartoonishly wide face and eyes that were reminiscent of the famous Muppet character Kermit the Frog. Calvin So, a doctoral student at George Washington University and the lead author on the study, highlighted the significance of using the name Kermit for the fossil. He noted that it could help bridge the gap between the science of paleontology and the general public, making it more accessible and engaging for everyone.

The discovery of Kermitops gratus sheds light on the evolution of amphibians and the interesting features of ancient creatures like the one named after the beloved Muppet character. The attention to detail in the fossil adds to its uniqueness and gives researchers a glimpse into the anatomy of this long-extinct species. Despite some damage to the palate and braincase, Mann was impressed by its almost complete preservation, which allowed researchers to study intricate details like the arrangement of palpebral ossicles – tiny bones in an animal’s eyelids – among other things.

Overall, this discovery is significant because it provides new insights into our planet’s history and helps us understand how life has evolved over time. It also serves as a reminder that even though we may have come so far as a species, we are still connected to our ancestors in ways we may not even realize.

By Aiden Johnson

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