Sat. Feb 24th, 2024
Patrick Mahomes has to inform Mecole Hardman of overtime rule in order to secure game-winning touchdown

The rules surrounding the NFL’s playoff overtime are not widely known, and one of the most memorable moments in recent history is when Mecole Hardman caught the game-winning pass from Patrick Mahomes in Super Bowl LVIII. Hardman didn’t realize that he had secured a victory for the Chiefs until Mahomes informed him in the end zone.

Mahomes shared a funny story about this moment, recalling that he had to reassure Hardman that they had just won after throwing a touchdown pass to him to end the game. He mentioned that Hardman was completely oblivious to the fact that they had won and didn’t even celebrate initially. This was the first time that these new overtime rules were put into action during the playoffs, ensuring that both teams have at least one possession even if the receiving team scores a touchdown first.

Despite being unaware of his historical significance at the time, Hardman has now earned his place in NFL history as a result of this incredible catch. It just goes to show how important every single play can be in determining the outcome of a game, and how even small mistakes or oversights can have far-reaching consequences on a player’s career.

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