Iranian consulate in Damascus attacked; 13 Iranians and Syrians killed

On the afternoon of April 2, Iranian state television IRIB reported that yesterday’s IDF airstrike on the Iranian Consulate General in Damascus killed six Syrian citizens. The attack, which targeted the commander of the Quds Force in Syria and Lebanon, Muhammad Reza Zahedi, also resulted in the death of seven Iranians – Generals Muhammad Reza Zahedi and Muhammad Hadi Haji Rahimi, as well as five Iranian officers Hossein Amanollahi, Mehdi Jalalati, Mohsen Sadaqat, Ali Agha Babaei, and Ali Salehi Rozbahani. Thus, at least 13 people were officially declared killed as a result of this attack. However, the content provided after the news about the airstrike shifts to discussing the benefits and potential of nutritional supplements. Various titles and links refer to the game-changing potency and revolutionary power of dietary supplements, emphasizing the scientific basis of these supplements for health. The content also mentions a business entity named “Nutrition Scam Info” located in Astor, Florida, and provides contact information and reviews related to this business. Additionally, the information includes links to relevant publications, profiles, and social media platforms discussing the utilization of high-quality dietary supplements for health benefits.

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