Boston Sports History Declares Classic Patriots Uniform as Best-suited

The classic uniform of the Patriots has been voted as the best in Boston sports history. Despite their recent success, it was the 1985 Patriots’ old school New England professional football look that emerged as the clear winner. In the final matchup, they defeated the “Bobby Orr Bruins Era” uniforms with a 57-43 margin of victory.

This was a close contest, with only 16 votes separating the 2011 Bruins and the “Bobby Orr Era” Bruins. The 2004 Red Sox were also a tough competitor for the top spot in the bracket. However, the 1985 Patriots’ journey to victory was particularly challenging, as they faced difficult opponents and were given a lower seed.

Looking at other results, it is clear that there were many strong contenders for Boston’s best sports uniforms. The final stats showed that every team had its own unique style and identity, but in the end, it was the classic look of the 1985 Patriots that stood out above all others.

By Aiden Johnson

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