Three CSI students could potentially win a $40k prize with their mental health business idea.

Kathy Couch, a therapist with 18 years of experience in mental health, has teamed up with students from the CSI Marketing Program to develop a business idea called Rewired360. The initiative aims to increase access to EMDR certification for clinicians and therapists, ultimately leading to better care for clients in need.

As part of the Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge, Rewired360 is one of several business ideas vying for a $40,000 prize. The semi-finals of the challenge will take place in Boise on April 4th and 5th. EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization Reconditioning, is a therapy technique used by Couch to help clients heal from trauma, grief, and relational distress. It is effective for various mental health issues and provides quick results.

Couch’s goal is to expand the availability of EMDR therapy in Southern Idaho by sharing her expertise with other clinicians. Through her connection with business and marketing students Natalie Klucken and Elle Whitehead from the College of Southern Idaho, the business plan for Rewired360 was developed. Their aim is to educate therapists on the business side of their practice so they can focus on helping clients without worrying about logistical aspects.

The team has been working on presentations, speeches, and gathering all necessary information to make Rewired360 a successful venture. By participating in the Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge, they hope to showcase their business idea and its potential to positively impact mental health care in the region. Couch’s ultimate goal is to make therapy more accessible and efficient so that individuals can experience relief without needing long-term treatment.

By Aiden Johnson

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