Students from Thomas College received awards at a business conference.

Five Thomas College students recently shone in the Society for the Advancement of Management (SAM) International Business Conference, held in Orlando, Florida. The talented group included Dan Brewer, Tanner Herrick, Jade Crowell, Preston Moody, and Addison Landon.

At the conference, the Thomas College team achieved top rankings in various categories. As a whole, they placed second overall and third in the case study presentation. Three students – Preston Moody, Jade Crowell, and Addison Landon – even advanced to the finals of the Knowledge Bowl. Landon was exceptional once again, finishing in second place in this competition. He was also recognized as the top individual student performer at the conference.

Dr. Rick Saucier and Dr. Jono Anzalone coached the team on their journey to success at SAM’s competition. They faced tough challenges with a record number of colleges submitting student teams to participate. Despite these obstacles, Thomas College stood out once again with its exceptional performance.

The success of Thomas College’s team highlights the school’s growing reputation for excellence in business management academic circles. This is no stranger territory for Thomas College as it marks their seventh consecutive year achieving success in SAM competitions. As they continue to excel in these events, we can expect more great things from this talented group of students! Stay tuned for more upcoming area events!

By Aiden Johnson

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