Mon. Feb 26th, 2024
SNCF controllers to continue strike over February 16 weekend as management urges caution

As the threat of a SNCF strike looms, SUD-Rail and CGT have decided to maintain their call for a strike on the weekend of February 16, particularly in the Paris region. Fabien Villedieu, a member of the federal office of SUD-Rail, announced that between 70-90% of controllers would be striking, demanding a salary increase and better consideration of their end of career. Despite promises from management to award a new exceptional bonus of 400 euros, Villedieu believes that an increase in monthly work bonus from 150 to 200 euros is necessary to resolve the situation.

SNCF CEO Jean-Pierre Farandou acknowledged that it was “complicated to say yes to everything” but stated that the company had the capacity to do so. He added that if he could convince one controller not to strike, it would allow 500 more French people to go on vacation. Farandou listed three priorities for the weekend: serving all French cities, ensuring continuity of service, and maintaining trains going to snow holidays while also ensuring children’s safety when traveling alone. The SNCF must communicate its traffic plan on Wednesday morning.

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