Mon. Feb 26th, 2024
Israeli Social Media: Protest NGOs Lead Top 20 Advertisers, Smotrich in 19th Place

According to a recent report by Galei radio correspondent Shachar Glick, the top 10 organizations that have spent the most money on promoting their campaigns on Israeli Facebook and Instagram over the past three months are:

1. Epoch magazine – almost 760 thousand shekels

2. Veterans of the Yom Kippur War for the Defense of Democracy – 658.5 thousand shekels

3. Mihdal 23 (Failure 23) – 325.5 thousand shekels

4. Afkara (Left to Fate) – 290.5 thousand shekels

5. Movement for the Quality of Power – 178 thousand shekels

6. Titpater Akhshav (“Resign”) – 173 thousand shekels

7. Mate Maavak – Nilhamim al-Democracy (Headquarters for the Struggle for Democracy) – 164 thousand shekels

8. Nir Birkiya law firm – 142 thousand shekels

9. Petah Tikva Municipality, Urban Renewal Authority, Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and Memshala Mufkeret (Wasteful Government) spent a total of 90,000 shekels on advertising on social networks and ranked #19th in the list.

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Overall, this data provides insight into which organizations are investing heavily in social media advertising in Israel and highlights their efforts to promote their campaigns effectively online.

In conclusion, it is evident that Epoch magazine has spent significantly more than any other organization on promoting its campaigns through social media advertising in Israel over the past three months with a total investment of almost 760 thousand shekels.

It is also important to note that while there are several other notable spenders such as Veterans of Yom Kippur War for Defense of Democracy and Mihdal 23 (Failure), these numbers do not reflect a complete picture as they may not be including all costs associated with running a campaign or promoting an organization’s message.

Additionally, it is worth considering how much impact these campaigns have had in terms of changing public opinion or achieving specific goals. While having a significant presence on social media can be beneficial in reaching new audiences and spreading awareness about an issue or cause, it does not necessarily translate into tangible results without careful planning and execution.

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