Top photos from the third week of spring sports in Central New York high schools features some of the top photos from high school sports events every week, giving readers the chance to view full galleries and download photos for free with a subscription. Here are some standout moments from Week 3 of the spring sports season:

During a softball game between Chittenango and Homer on April 16, a Homer player is seen waiting to tag out a Chittenango runner, capturing the intensity of the game in a photo. The full gallery from this matchup is available for viewing.

At the Onondaga Central Track Invitational on April 19, a humorous moment was captured as a father held up a sign. The event took place at Onondaga Central, and the full gallery from the invitational can be seen on the website.

The Cook-DeStefano Track and Field Invitational at Thomas R. Proctor High School in Utica on April 19 featured hurdlers in competition, highlighting their athleticism and determination. The photo captures their passion and dedication to their sport. The full gallery from the Cook-DeStefano Invitational is available for viewing.

In a boys lacrosse game between East Syracuse Minoa and Auburn on April 20, a player from East Syracuse Minoa is seen celebrating on the turf after scoring a goal against Auburn, showcasing the excitement and passion of the game. The full gallery from this matchup is also on display.

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