The youngest mayor in Ecuador and a collaborator were killed in a shooting

On Sunday, Ecuador lost its youngest mayor, Brigitte García, who was only 27 years old. This tragic event adds to the wave of political violence occurring in the country during a state of exception decreed by the Ecuadorian government. The mayor of San Vicente and her communications assistant were found dead inside a vehicle with gunshot wounds, according to local police reports.

García belonged to the Citizen Revolution movement led by former president Rafael Correa and took office in May. Her death has shaken the political community, with Correa expressing his disbelief and sadness on social media. The authorities have not yet provided information on the possible motive or perpetrators of the crime.

The police commander of Manabí stated that García had not requested police protection and did not have a safety device. The government of Ecuador has condemned the murder and promised to do everything possible to find those responsible. The Association of Municipalities of Ecuador pointed out that at least 35 mayors have been threatened, highlighting the need for better protection measures.

This is not an isolated case as Ecuador has seen other political figures being targeted by violence in recent years. In 2016, a prominent journalist was murdered while covering protests against economic policies in Quito. In addition, several other politicians have been killed or kidnapped in different regions of the country due to their political affiliations or outspoken views. The country continues to grapple with political unrest and insecurity affecting both authorities and civilians.

The state of exception declared by President Lenin Moreno has further fueled tensions between protesters and law enforcement officials, leading to violent clashes on several occasions. Meanwhile, there are concerns about human rights violations committed during these protests, including arbitrary detentions, torture, and extrajudicial killings.

As such, there is an urgent need for dialogue between all stakeholders involved in order to find lasting solutions to the country’s problems. Only then can we hope for peace and stability in this troubled nation.

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