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Business Insider is currently seeking nominations for its ninth annual list of the most innovative CMOs in the world. The role of a CMO has constantly evolved, with top marketers adapting to changes in media landscapes and emerging technologies like generative AI. They must possess strong financial acumen to drive growth and profitability, while excelling in communication across all functions of the company.

To be considered for the list, nominees should be senior marketing executives at consumer brands with at least six months in their role. Factors such as their influence on company performance, role and responsibilities, brand size, and industry impact will be taken into account. Submissions supported by case studies and quantitative data demonstrating the executive’s contribution to company growth will stand out.

Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing officer of Mastercard, emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and celebrating innovative CMOs. To nominate a deserving executive, submit your suggestions via survey no later than 5 p.m. ET on April 30. Business Insider will compile the list based on input from the industry and our reporting. Last year’s list provides inspiration and examples for those looking to make a significant impact in their roles as CMOs.

Nominees for this year’s list do not necessarily need to hold the title of CMO but should be senior marketing executives at consumer brands who have been in their role for at least six months. The selection criteria will focus on their ability to drive growth and profitability while communicating effectively across all functions within their organization.

Submissions that include case studies or quantitative data demonstrating an executive’s impact on company performance will stand out among other nominations. As a reminder, last year’s list provides inspiration and examples for those looking to make a significant impact in their roles as CMOs.

Business Insider is excited to recognize some of the most innovative minds in marketing today through its ninth annual list of outstanding CMOs worldwide. The changing landscape of media consumption has forced marketers to adapt quickly while leveraging new technologies like generative AI to achieve success.

The nomination process requires submitting information about an executive’s influence on company performance, role responsibilities, brand size, and industry impact through quantitative data or case studies supporting their contributions towards driving growth and profitability.

Nominating an outstanding individual can help showcase your organization’s commitment towards innovation within its marketing department while recognizing exceptional leadership skills that contribute significantly to overall business success.

Raja Rajamannar highlights how it is crucial not only to recognize but also celebrate innovative leaders who are transforming traditional marketing practices into modern-day strategies that leverage technology effectively.

So if you know someone who has stood out from others as an innovative CMO or believes they deserve recognition for their achievements thus far, now is your chance to submit them for consideration before April 30st at 5 pm ET!

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