Spring sports in Erie County kick off in early April

In the PIAA track and field meet, Erie High pole vaulter Bradon Schneider represented his school with hopes of winning a gold medal. The meet took place at Shippensburg, where Schneider aimed to become the Royals’ first track and field gold medalist.

Fort LeBoeuf emerged victorious in the Boys track and field Region 5 meet against Mercyhurst Prep with a score of 86 to 61. The competition showcased impressive performances in various events such as the 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters, high jump, pole vault, long jump, and more. Fort LeBoeuf’s team displayed a strong performance across the board.

Similarly, in the Girls track and field Region 5 meet, Fort LeBoeuf secured a win against Mercyhurst Prep with a score of 126 to 23. Notable events included the 100 meters, pole vault, long jump, shot put, and more. The Fort LeBoeuf team displayed excellent skills and teamwork during the competition.

Moving on to non-region Boys tennis matches, McDowell defeated Grove City with a score of 3 to 2. The matches featured intense singles and doubles games where players showed determination and skill on the court. Fairview also secured a win against Grove City, demonstrating their prowess in the sport.

By Aiden Johnson

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