Trump’s flying causes trouble for Biden in the polls

A survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal shows that Donald Trump is currently leading Joe Biden in six out of the seven critical states for the upcoming presidential elections in November 2024. Trump’s lead can be attributed to concerns about the US economy and the advanced age of the current president. The former solidly blue states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, which Biden managed to win back in 2020 after Trump’s victory in 2016, are now considered battlegrounds with Trump in command.

Polls indicate that Trump has a two-point advantage in Michigan and Pennsylvania and a three-point edge in Wisconsin. Additionally, Trump is leading by three points in Georgia, four points in Nevada, and five points in Arizona. In North Carolina, he has greater support on issues such as the economy, immigration, and fighting inflation. On the other hand, Biden holds an advantage on defending abortion and reproductive rights.

The ongoing conflict in Gaza has also raised concerns that it could impact the November elections not only for the White House but also for Congress. Democratic officials fear that the war could affect their re-election chances as opposition to it has garnered 55% of Americans while only 18% of Democratic voters support it. There are concerns that protests against US support for Israel could have an impact on Biden’s re-election campaign with some groups advocating for not voting for him due to his stance on this issue.

There are also fears of potential protests at Chicago convention and at Biden’s rallies and public events by democratic lawmakers who worry that these protests could negatively impact his re-election campaign. Some lawmakers have called for a consistent break from Israel to improve Biden’s political positioning given its impact on Gaza conflict.

In summary, while Joe Biden still holds some advantages over Donald Trump during this election cycle, it seems like things are looking bleak for him as he faces stiff competition from his predecessor along with several other challenges such as economic issues and political controversies surrounding Israel’s treatment towards Palestine.

By Aiden Johnson

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