Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

The Nordpool electricity exchange has been informed by the Power of Industry (TVO) that the Olkiluoto triple reactor will resume full production on Wednesday, November 22 at one o’clock in the morning. The reactor’s electricity production had been suspended on Sunday evening.

If this happens, the decommissioning of the nuclear power plant will be reflected in the price of electricity only on Tuesday, as tomorrow’s electricity will be sold in Nordpool by 2 p.m. today.

According to TVO’s communications manager, Johanna, the company will immediately inform about any fault with the turbine plant when it is known in more detail. She does not speculate on the cause of the failure but emphasizes that it is not a problem similar to last spring’s trial run, but specifically a failure that occurred during use.

After years of problems and delays, Olkiluoto is now running normally Fingrid due to restrictions set by the company with a power output of about 1540-1560 megawatts. This is significantly less than its maximum capacity of 3300 megawatts, but still enough to provide reliable power to Finland’s grid during peak demand periods.

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