UC Santa Cruz Partners with Consortium to Enhance Earth System Science Programs

Recently, UC Santa Cruz joined the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), a consortium of 126 colleges and universities in North America that focuses on research and training in Earth system science. This membership allows UC Santa Cruz to be part of a network that includes almost all academic programs in Earth system science across the continent.

Being a member of UCAR provides numerous benefits to UC Santa Cruz, such as access to over 30 professional development opportunities. These opportunities range from internships that provide students with hands-on research experience alongside leading scientists, to fellowships that support the next generation of Earth system scientists, and even potential careers at the National Center for Atmospheric Research – a premier modeling center involved in the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The UCAR membership aligns well with UC Santa Cruz’s strategic plan for climate change, sustainability, and resilience, as well as its objective to inspire diverse students to pursue careers in science. Representing UC Santa Cruz in UCAR are associate professors Claudie Beaulieu from the Ocean Sciences department and Nicole Feldl from the Earth & Planetary Sciences department. These professors, with assistance from the Ocean Sciences and Applied Mathematics departments, led the membership application process.

According to Beaulieu, joining UCAR is crucial for UC Santa Cruz due to its impactful research and educational activities in Earth system science, including atmospheric science, climate science, hydrology, oceanography, biogeochemistry, and solar physics. Feldl expressed her excitement about discussing Earth system predictability with other members of UCAR and emphasized the urgency of making credible predictions about future climate based on accurate observations. She also recognized UCAR’s role in promoting coordinated research efforts in climate science.

Overall, this membership provides an excellent opportunity for UCSC researchers and students to collaborate with other institutions across North America focused on Earth system science research and training. It also aligns well with our strategic plan for climate change and sustainability while inspiring diverse students to pursue careers in this field.

By Aiden Johnson

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