UFL kicks off strong during busy sports weekend

During the weekend, the UFL made its debut with games televised by Fox and ESPN. The games drew impressive audiences, with over a million viewers each for both Saturday games on Fox. The opener between Birmingham and Arlington averaged 1.18 million viewers while the later game between St. Louis and Michigan had 1.35 million viewers. On Sunday, ESPN-televised games drew 960,000 viewers for D.C. at San Antonio and 703,000 viewers for Memphis at Houston.

Comparatively, the XFL had higher numbers in its opening weekend last year, with both games exceeding 1.5 million viewers. On the other hand, the USFL had lower numbers during its 2023 Week 1, with a high of 974,000 viewers.

The big question now is whether the UFL will be able to maintain or improve upon its Week 1 numbers. The high-water mark for the UFL’s first week represents a 56-percent increase over the full-season average for the XFL and USFL from 2023, as reported by Karp.

However, history has shown that numbers tend to decrease as the season progresses, especially when it comes to spring football leagues. It remains to be seen whether the UFL can buck this trend and build a strong and sustainable viewership for the remainder of its inaugural season.

In conclusion, while the UFL’s debut was successful in terms of audience viewership, it remains uncertain whether it can sustain this momentum throughout its inaugural season amidst declining viewership trends in spring football leagues.

By Aiden Johnson

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