Penn State University Hosts Family Business Conference

The Center for Family Business at Penn State Behrend is set to host a two-day conference on Entrepreneurship from May 15-16. The event will feature an array of topics including succession planning, board creation, minority-led businesses and more. Registration for the conference is now open and details can be found on the conference webpage.

The Center for Family Business is an outreach effort of Behrend’s Black School of Business. This center provides family-run businesses with specific forums led by experts in the field. Members have access to Black School faculty experts, student researchers, and peer groups that discuss common issues and concerns related to family businesses.

Some of the featured speakers at the conference include Robert S. Castellini, Richard Seaman, and James Bly. Robert S. Castellini is the managing director at Sentinel Private Wealth Group, Richard Seaman is the chairman of Seaman Corporation and author of “A Vibrant Vision: The Entrepreneurship of Multigenerational Family Business”, and James Bly is the managing director of US EY Private Family Enterprise.

To learn more about the Center for Family Business and the upcoming conference on Entrepreneurship, visit their webpage.

By Aiden Johnson

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