Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

The role of coaches in younger categories is essential in the development of children. They not only impart knowledge but also instill fair play and sports values in them, making their contribution all the more important. However, some coaches and parents fail to behave within the limits of common sense, which can have a detrimental impact on the development of children.

One such instance occurred during a basketball derby between Metalac and Radničko cadets as part of the Interregional Basketball League. In the first quarter, embarrassing scenes involving players, parents, and coaches caused the match to be interrupted. The coaches from both teams got into an argument and insulted each other, leading to their exclusion from the game. This caused nervousness and disorder among the players, with some getting into fights. One player even suffered a minor concussion after being punched in the head.

The chaos did not end there as the parents of the children joined in and some even fought each other. The match was ultimately stopped, and the police had to launch an investigation. Both clubs now face heavy penalties for their role in the shameful scenes that unfolded during the game. Such behavior not only sets a bad example for children but also has serious consequences for clubs involved.

It is crucial for coaches and parents to remember that their behavior has an impact on children’s development. Coaches should strive to instill fair play values while also being mindful of their language choices during games or interactions with others involved in youth sports activities.

In conclusion, coaches play a vital role in shaping young athletes’ attitudes towards sportsmanship and fair play. However, it is essential that they act responsibly while dealing with others involved in youth sports activities to ensure that children have positive experiences while learning these valuable lessons.

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