Mon. Feb 26th, 2024
New Voting Security Technology Piloted in Weld County

In 2023, Weld County introduced a new security measure during the election process. For the first time, ballots were printed on paper stock with high-resolution images that could only be seen with special equipment. This unique technology was called GHOSTmark and served as a pilot program to test its effectiveness and potential for future use. The county, with its 222,064 active registered voters, was excited to serve as a test site for this innovative security feature.

Weld County’s decision to implement GHOSTmark technology came after last year’s election when concerns about election security were raised. The special paper stock used for the ballots contained high-resolution images that could only be seen with special equipment, adding an extra layer of security to the election process. This innovation was aimed at ensuring the integrity and security of the vote count.

The introduction of GHOSTmark technology marked a significant milestone in Weld County’s efforts to maintain free and fair elections. The county’s initiative to implement this unique security feature was part of a broader effort to ensure that every voter’s voice is heard and counted accurately. By using cutting-edge technology like GHOSTmark, Weld County is leading the way in securing our democracy for future generations.

Overall, Weld County’s decision to introduce GHOSTmark technology is an excellent example of how innovation can help protect our elections from fraud and manipulation. As more counties across the country adopt this technology, we can rest assured that our elections will remain secure and trustworthy for years to come.

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