Wild Science, second series for ZDF Studios to be produced by BIG MEDIA

WILD SCIENCE, a new documentary series set to begin production next month, is a collaboration between BIG MEDIA and Germany’s ZDF Studios. The announcement was made by BIG MEDIA co-founder and Global Head of Production Martin Kaše and ZDF Studios’ Director Unscripted Nikolas Huelbusch. This thrilling new series explores the captivating world of Earth’s most fearsome predators using cutting-edge CGI, visually dynamic footage, and a scientific zoological perspective. Each episode delves deep into the science behind the remarkable existence of these creatures, from the depths of the ocean to the heart of the savannah.

The advanced technology utilized in WILD SCIENCE includes AI and 3D rendering, which transformed nature’s creatures into detailed models. BIG MEDIA’s Martin Kaše highlighted this technology, stating that it was crucial for creating such an immersive and educational experience for viewers. Nikolas Huelbusch, Director Unscripted at ZDF Studios, expressed excitement about the partnership with BIG MEDIA and their involvement in the project from development to production. He believes that WILD SCIENCE will resonate well with viewers across the territories they serve.

The collaboration between BIG MEDIA and ZDF Studios allows for a hands-on approach to productions like WILD SCIENCE, giving them the opportunity to be part of every step of the process. This partnership has already led to successful output deals in German-speaking territories, and plans for additional licensing deals beyond those territories are currently underway. With its unique blend of science and adventure, WILD SCIENCE promises to be a must-see for animal lovers everywhere.

By Aiden Johnson

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