Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Huawei has announced the release of HarmonyOS Next, the latest version of its own operating system. Initially, it was rumored that this new version would not support applications designed for Android, but Huawei has since denied this claim. The ban on Huawei by the US in 2019 forced the company to develop its own operating system, known as HarmonyOS, which is based on the open-source version of Android and fully supports Android applications.

HarmonyOS is an operating system developed specifically for the Internet of Everything (IoE) era. It offers a shared language for smart and connected features across different devices. The latest version of HarmonyOS, HarmonyOS 4, has already been installed on over 100 million devices in a short amount of time. Currently, there are no plans to distribute HarmonyOS outside of China, so Huawei users outside China will continue to use Android-based applications with the EMUI operating system.

At the Huawei Developers Conference 2023, the company announced that it plans to release HarmonyOS Next in 2024. However, there have been false rumors circulating about the support of Android applications on Huawei devices. Despite these rumors, Android applications will continue to be fully supported on devices sold outside China.

It’s worth noting that there are some unrelated and random game forum content mixed in with the Huawei news. It’s important to keep information focused on the topic to avoid confusion.

In conclusion, while HarmonyOS Next is still under development and set for release in 2024, there is no change in how Android applications are supported on Huawei devices sold outside China.

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