Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024
Eurostat News Reports that 41% of Scientists and Engineers Are Women in Employment

In 2022, the number of female scientists and engineers in the EU increased by 310,500 to reach almost 7.3 million, accounting for 41% of total employment in science and engineering. Women made up a significant portion of those employed as scientists and engineers, with 46% working in the service sector and only 22% in manufacturing. The proportion of female scientists and engineers varied widely among EU member states, ranging from 53% in Denmark, Lithuania (52%) and Bulgaria (51%) to 31% in Hungary, Finland (32%) and Germany (34%).

The highest shares of women employed in science and technology occupations were observed in regions at NUTS1 level, with Lithuania leading the way at 64.1%, followed by the French region of Corse at 63.9% and Latvia at 62.7%. On the other hand, the regions with the smallest proportions of females employed in science and technology were recorded in Italy’s Nord-Ovest region at 45.3%, Malta at 45.8% and Italy’s Sud region at 46.1%. This news item marks International Day of Women and Girls in Science, celebrated on February 11th each year.

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