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Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) co-hosted its initial Technologies Showcase for contractors and civilians from May perhaps ten-11 with the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS).

The two-day occasion hosted a lot more than 60 vendors and supplied an chance for waterfront workers to see the most revolutionary technologies in their trades and for shipyard production management teams to collaborate with sector partners on discussing potential options distinct to NNSY.

“Becoming the 21st century shipyard our Navy desires demands that successful mixture of effective arranging and execution, upgraded facilities, and cutting-edge technologies and gear that can be smartly leveraged into our day-to-day operate,” stated Shipyard Commander Captain Dianna Wolfson at the event’s kickoff. “The subsequent two days offer you an fascinating glimpse into our future, with prospects of employing a lot more sophisticated technologies to meet our vision.”

Preparing for the Technologies Showcase began back in 2019 and culminated into a productive occasion at America’s Shipyard.

Dan Adams, Shipyard Command Innovation System Manager stated, “The Innovation System leadership was focused on identifying and transitioning confirmed technologies into the shipyard that would assistance the command meet the mission of sustaining, modernizing, and repairing the Navy’s nuclear fleet in a a lot more effective manner.”

Vendor concentrate regions incorporated: coatings and corrosion prevention power, environmental, wellness and security enterprise technologies and analytics sophisticated additive manufacturing coaching, and enhanced inspection systems.

“This interaction is crucial for these performing the operate to communicate their existing challenges and anxiety the options provided by the vendors against their genuine planet experiences,” stated Thomas Staskin, Shipyard Company Method Consultant Lead. “We really feel these dialogues will guide the vendors to concentrate their efforts in regions that will genuinely make a distinction to our shipyard in the future, as properly as determine these technologies that appear to be prepared for implementation ideal now.”

“The reality is that this provides us the likelihood to close the gap in between what the government has offered for us versus what the outdoors sector can offer you,” stated Jason Wills, Code 926 Shipyard Group Superintendent. “This is the initial step in driving that to completion and we are quite excited about it.”

Nick Buie, Code 982 Shipyard Utilities Engineer attended with other members of his group and strategy to go to future Technologies Showcases at NNSY.

“It’s good to be at the Technologies Showcase and engage with vendors that are quite significantly on the front edge of shipbuilding technologies,” stated Buie. “It’s refreshing to see the many perspectives on the merchandise and solutions that are offered to our sector.”

The vendors enjoyed engaging with NNSY staff and sharing the most recent shipbuilding technologies.

“I spent the initial day going vendor to vendor listening and taking notes of all the revolutionary technologies,” stated Laura Herrin, Code 900, Shipyard System Manager for Method Improvement. “For an individual who has been in the shipyard for more than 35 years and has worked in several codes, I was excited to see all the new technologies that will assistance our workforce to do their jobs safer and more rapidly.”

Herrin additional stated, “Overall, I think there was worth added to this technologies showcase and as with every little thing we need to do as NNSY, it will constantly strengthen.”

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