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The most democratic nation in the Americas is not Canada or the US, but Uruguay.

The tiny South American nation scored specially higher on this year’s Democracy Index, the Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual ranking of national electoral systems. Canada ranked close behind Uruguay, whilst the US is not even regarded as a “full democracy,” according to the index.

“Uruguay has the lowest level of poverty in Latin America, it does not have any intense poverty, and its level of inequality measured by the Gini index is also the lowest in the area,” stated Nicolas Saldías, a Latin American analyst at the Economist Intelligence Unit. “This permits it to stay away from the political polarization you see in several other components of Latin America. Appear at Brazil or Peru appropriate now, that is unthinkable in Uruguay.”

Norway took initially spot for the 12th consecutive year in the ranking. The Scandinavian area scored specifically higher in the index, generating up 5 of the best six nations.

The index designates every nation as either a complete democracy, flawed democracy, hybrid state, or authoritarian state, primarily based on 5 diverse categories measuring the overall health of many political institutions. Only 24 nations are regarded as accurate democracies, the majority of which are clustered in western and northern Europe.

The US holds the 30th spot in the index, ranking beneath Estonia and just above Botswana. The US has declined significantly in the final decade and has been regarded as a flawed democracy because 2016.

The world’s typical democracy score enhanced slightly from the final year’s ranking, as the easing of covid restrictions elevated the score in several nations. On the other hand, extra than a third of the world’s population nevertheless lives in nations regarded as authoritarian, whilst only eight% reside in a complete democracy.

What are the most democratic nations in the planet?

Individual of interest: Uruguay’s philosopher president

Uruguay undertook a important social transformation a decade ago, thanks in huge aspect to its former president Jose Mujica, a former revolutionary and ambitious reformer. Generally dubbed the world’s humblest president, Mujica was president from 2010 to 2015 and oversaw a period of liberalization and social reforms.

A former guerilla fighter with a left-wing insurgency group, Mujica was imprisoned for 14 years throughout Uruguay’s military dictatorship in the 1980s and 90s. Soon after constitutional democracy was restored in 1985, Mujica was elected to Uruguay’s parliament.

As president, Mujica oversaw a robust economy, legalized abortion and similar-sex marriage, and even nationalized the sale of marijuana in an try to wrest energy from drug cartels.

Mujica also preached a return to simplicity, addressing the United Nations Basic Assembly in 2013 to market the values of appreciate and solidarity more than consumerism and the creation of wealth. Although president, Mujica donated 90% of his salary to charity, commuted to perform on a 60-year-old bicycle, and chose to reside at his family’s chrysanthemum farm as an alternative of the presidential palace.

In the years because Mujica left workplace, Uruguay has scored amongst the highest in the area on metrics for democracy, improvement, and general happiness. In addition, Mercer Investigation located that Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital, had the highest high-quality of life of any city in Latin America.

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