Continued Efforts for Alternate Crisis Response Program in Raleigh to Enhance Mental Health Services

Raleigh’s Alternate Crisis Response Program is making steady progress, with social workers, peer support specialists, and EMS personnel set to join police officers in responding to specific 911 calls. The team’s focus will be on de-escalation techniques and immediate assistance in emergency situations. One advocate for mental health patients, Dorine Martin, who has decades of experience in the field, supports the creation of this program. She believes that increasing services and reducing the stigma around mental health care will help communities become healthier. The April update to the city council regarding the program’s progress is eagerly awaited by Martin and others who support this initiative.

The Alternate Crisis Response Program aims to improve overall response to crises in the community by providing specialized care and support. By implementing this program, Raleigh hopes to create a more effective and compassionate response to emergency situations involving mental health crises. For more information on this program, please visit the link provided.

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By Aiden Johnson

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